It is the policy of ADROIT INVESTMENT LIMITED to operate as a reliable and client-oriented contractor to deliver products and services in accordance with the contract and in strict compliance with the applicable statutory requirments.
The products and services encompass Civil and Building Constructions, Mechanical, Electrical & other Engineering areas.

The ability of ADROIT INVESTMENT LIMITED to implement this policy depends on its ability to plan, organise and control all projects. In order to achieve and demonstrate this, a project quality plan has been developed, describing the management and control systems to execute the project in consonance with the requirements of the contract and the ISO 9000 Standards.

The emphasis of the Project Quality Plan is to maintain high standard of workmanship
to prevent non-conformance, for only in this way can the profitability of our business be assured.

As quality, safety and enviromental awareness are the responsibility of each and every person at ADROIT INVESTMENT LIMITED all personnel will be adequately trained and guided by the Quality, Safety and Enviromental System that ADROIT INVESTMENT LIMITED operates.

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